Grill and Sashimi
Apperzer Sashimi $13.50
2 pcs Red Tuna, 2 pcs Yellow Tail, 2 pcs Salmon Sashimi
Salmon Sashimi $13.50
7 pcs Salmon Sashimi
Tuna Sahimi $13.50
7 pcs Tuna Sashimi
Salmon &Tuna Sahimi $15.00
4 pcs Salmon & 4pcs Tuna Sashimi
Assorted  Sashimi $27.50
16 pcs fresh cut chef selected sashimi
Deluxe Assorted  Sashimi $34.00
20 pcs fresh cut chef selected sashimi
Chicken Yakitori $5.00
Grilled 2 chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce
Chicken Teriyaki $14.00
Grilled chicken thigh, mixed vegetable and teriyaki sauce served with rice
Salmon Kama $7.00
Grilled salmon cheeks with pozu sauce
Salmon Teriyaki $16.00
Grilled salmon, mixed vegetable and teriyaki sauce, served with rice
Saba Yaki $7.00
Grilled mackerel with ponzu sauce
Ika Yaki $10.00
Grilled whole squid  with teriyaki sauce
Ginger Pork $12.00
Pan fried tenderloin pork ,mixed vegetable and teriyaki sauce, served with rice
Beef  Teriyaki $17.50
Grilled 8oz NY steak, mixed vegetable and teriyaki sauce , served with rice
Salmon Belly $7.50
Grilled salmon belly with ponze sauce
Taiyo Japanese Restaurant
#23-12424 Symons Valley Rd NW
Tell : 403.263.8858

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